Just a warning to all the recently seperated men with children.

​​ WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN and I MEAN EVERYTHING-dates times places-who,what,when,where,how and why--this is very IMPORTANT!

​​ Do NOT pay a lawyer $300 an hour to keep notes for you-you can do that yourself.

​​ It is even better if you have the means to record abuse if you are a victim-be carefull though..if your kids are around when recording,the court appointed father assassin's will use it as a reason to call recording a d.v. incident with the children around as abuse against THEM.

​​ It is also doubtfull that anyone in the system will even care to look at it. Do not think for one second that you will get,"justice" in this town or anywhere close to here.

​​ It is an industry that thrives on conflict-kidnapping children and then holding them for ransom(court costs,legal fees,etc.)they use the love of your children as an extortion tactic to fatten their own wallets-do not kid your-self.

​​There are very few lawyers that actually care about father's other than their own wallets.

​​The police and c.a.s can and will be used to batter,harrass,stalk and from what I have seen and heard,they are more than eager and willing participants to help destroy your life by a vindictive ex'.

​​Remember,these people are taught straight out of the feminist handbook of mythology where it is YOU who is the abuser.

​​These same people will NOT investigate militious reporting on her part-no matter how many times she should call for nothing more than harrassment by cop on her part.

​​ They will tell you to write it down and tell it to a judge.

​​ My advice is end it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

​​ Do not hire an extortionist(lawyer) who will use your love for your children as a means of extortion by making false promises or words.

​​There are lots of places on the "net" where legal advice and help is more affordable and believeable;



Never,ever break a restraining order,under any circumstance.Don't be fooled by being,"baited", by a vindictive ex'.

​​I have even heard of certain lawyer's using this tactic as a weapon to gain the upper hand in custody proceeding's.

​​ Do not fight or argue with your ex'.

​​If your seeing your kids,be happy with it-it will be the only way to keep them safe, you can keep an eye on them and be in their lives.

​​If you fight,no matter what the circumstances -chances are you will lose touch with them all together,the feminist controlled court system based on feminist fallacy, is designed to destroy you just for using it,avoid it at all costs.

​​The minute you fight for your kids,the feminist indoctrinated system automatically assumes the only reason for this is to abuse,harrass and stalk your ex' through the children.

​​Do not fight-chances are less than one in ten that you even have a chance no matter what the circumstance and in this city,even less.

​​It will cost you everything.

​Your financial,emotional well being is of no concern to anyone in this system.

​​If you do need a lawyer do NOT let him/her turn your seperation into a war-this is exactly how these people work,there is no money in a peacefull resolution-do not fall for it. Just end it a.s.a.p..

​​ Do not be bullied by the police into not filing complaints against them for descrimination against you.

​​ I have talked to many men and the stories are all the same.

​The only way to stop the bias against men/father's is to not participate in/or support the one sided anti-father family court industry.

​​Just my opinion and my opinion only.

​​You do not need a lawyer for something you cannot win or if it costs you ten's or hundred's of thousand's of dollar's to recieve ,"fair and equal," justice.

​This is money that could go toward's your kids,and the LAWYER"S and COURT SYSTEM WANT EVERY DIME!

​​If you do not believe any of what I am telling you,please have a look at the below comment by "laughatyou" that was posted on this site.

​​"If you came across my court room with the same attitude as you are displaying here i would have thrown you out."

​​This emotional and childish outburst in itself, by someone apparently in charge of "her" own courtroom, should tell you exactly where you stand as a father/male in the family court system.

​​Even her chosen name for commenting here is meant to chastize and insult anyone thinking they may have "rights" in "her" courtroom.

​Even if you do win custody or visitation-the judgement is useless if your ex says,"no".

​​No one will help enforce your right to your legal time with your children,you will be told to take it back to court,at your expence,of course.

​​ If that does not work in her favour,then she can run to c.a.s. and make a few accusation's against you and your court judgement means nothing to these people who have been designated as having more power than god.

​All the money you just spent to see your children was a waste.

​​ I have yet to see or hear of any father say that I am wrong.

​​ If you do decide to fight for the right to see your kids and be a part of their lives...please come to this site and tell me that I was wrong in my advice and I will gladly delete it.

by outdoors​​
Dryden the misandry capitol of Canada
Posted on March 11/2012