Being a victim of a bias and reverse discrimination decision made by a Supreme Justice court in Ontario, I started to research how this could happen to me and found this information indicated below and a lot more......
Have you ever wondered were the man's shelters are? There aren't any. But working mens taxes pay for woman's shelters.


Men have no place to go to express their deep pain.
They have been consistently discriminated against in child custody, in public health policies, in domestic violence policies and protection, and more. The Ontario Courts routinely apply the law in a manner that discriminate against men by awarding custody to women when studies have shown that it is in the child's best interest to have an equal exposure to both parents.

                                     "your silence is important-feminists demand it"
                                                                     you must
                      "break the silence and set your self free for the sake of your children"

Thank you to all the Father/Men support groups that are making a difference.