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How And Why We Are Different

I began this site to help all men after experiencing how biased the courts are in Dryden Ontario and hearing similar experiences from men across Canada. My greatest joy in life is seeing my children with a smile on their face and hearing them say " I Love You Daddy". Being able to say I love you daddy is something no child should be deprived of, and no father be prohibited from hearing, as long as they are not abusive.

Disclaimer The information shared on this website IS NOT legal advise.We recommend consulting with a Family Lawyer/Attorney in your Jurisdiction area to obtain legal advise for your case.

How we are different and why is this: we are not ashamed any more by letting the world know that men get and are being abused by there partners in the home and its time that the Justice system defends and protect our children and men.
your silence is important-feminists demand it
Town Of Dryden Ontario
Sex Differences:Why Won't Men Commit?
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"Men Don't Tell"Based on a true story, but most men's every day life. Break the silence and free your self.


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Stop Kenora-Rainy River Districts Child and Family Services from abusing the children of the future !